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Arrest after threat at GlobalFoundries

Arrest after threat at GlobalFoundries

There were hundreds of people evacuated at Global Foundries in Malta Monday morning after reports of a bomb threat.

Callers to our newsroom say they were sent home today. We have had calls into the New York State Police and Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office with no confirmation.

But later in the day, the State Police announced the arrest of Robert Thomas, 25, of Glenville. He is charged with falsely reporting an incident (2nd Degree). Thomas, who works for an electrical contractor at GlobalFoundries as an electrician's apprentice, allegedly wrote a note that explosives were placed at the facility, according to the State Police. The note was left in a common area at Global Foundries, according to investigators.

State Police and security at the site conducted the investigation and found there was no threat to the public. Thomas was arraigned before Town Justice Kevitt of the Town of Malta Court and sent to the Saratoga County Jail without bail.

Prior to the arrest, GlobalFoundries issued a statement: "There was a security issue on the construction portion of our site. The construction activities have been postponed for the day and the State Police are on site investigating the issue. We expect to resume normal construction activities tomorrow. There is no impact to the operations side of our site. There were no injuries or property damage and no direct impact to GLOBALFOUNDRIES."

Another spokesperson added: “A security threat was made to the construction portion of the Fab 8 site.  In response to this action, we have postponed construction activities for the day. The New York State Police were informed of the situation, and are currently conducting an investigation. There were no injuries or property damage, and manufacturing operations at the site have not been impacted.  We expect construction activities will resume tomorrow.

“Ensuring a safe, secure working environment is our highest priority. On average, there are more than 5,000 people on the Fab 8 site every day - 2,000 employees, and about 3,000 construction workers. In order to protect all workers and visitors to the site, Fab 8 has a robust Emergency Response protocol that consists of various pre-established protocols. These protocols are currently being executed."


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